Sasha Printed Pleated Skirt


Sasha Printed Pleated Skirt


Made of designer scrap fabric, this pleated skirt has a fun watercolor ombre print. Made in New York. The model Featured is 5'7" and wearing size 25.

Content: Cotton and Lycra blend ( exact content  unknown as it is designer scrap fabric).

Length is 20" from the waist.   

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Style Care

To ensure your clothes look new for as long as possible, we recommend you care for them as follows.

For best results: Turn the garment inside out and machine wash with lukewarm water on gentle cycle. Line dry. We recommend steaming over ironing. However when pressing, turn the garment inside out  and use the cottonl heat setting on your iron. Do all or as much of the pressing on the inside side of the garment/fabric, this helps maintain the color and texture on the outside of the fabric. If your prefer, you can always professionally dry clean the garment.